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My name is Castiel.

I am an Angel of the Lord.

Currently travelling the United States with the Winchesters. Cars are slow.

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Anonymous asked: Do you ever feel left out because Sam and Dean are brothers and have known each other their whole lives and you only met them a few years ago?


They are both my friends. That is enough.

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almightyhail asked: Cas, I checked my (enormous and disorganized) database of angels and angelic names, and I didn't find anyone named Naomi. I've found all the other angels on the show, though. Maybe it's a cover up? Thoughts?


She most certainly is an angel, but not a warrior of heaven. She does- did her work in secret, away from prying eyes.

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michaeldaboss asked: Hey Cas, what do you think of traveling by car instead of teleporting?


It’s slow and boring and tedious and I miss the old way.

Don’t tell Dean I called his car ‘boring’.

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Anonymous asked: Always remember that you are wonderful and brilliant in every way. Dean and Sam may put you down sometimes, but always remember that you are loved very much. Love, A Friend


You are far too lenient and kind with your assumptions of me.

As for Sam and Dean, it may not seem like it, but I know they mean well.

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Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you've ever used your ability to see through clothes on Sam or Dean? ~Metatron


I’m insulted you’d even suggest I’d do that.

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Anonymous asked: Have your wings accidentally become physical in this dimension and smacked sam or dean?


My wings are not visible on this plane of existence and can’t be touched or seen by humans as you would explode at the sight.

So, no.

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chokotora asked: Hey Cas, ever thought about changing out of that suit? Do the boys think you should keep it or change it too? Do you like it or something?


Jimmy Novak deemed this as suitable attire. Considering I’m still using his body, it feels right to keep wearing these clothes.

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sassygayangel asked: Now that you're on Tumblr, have you acclimated to using technology?


Technology isn’t difficult, once Dean explained the voicemail.

Sam says he wishes I’d never figured out the laptop.

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Anonymous asked: who is your best friend cas?


I don’t have many friends left, I feel like you are trying to make me pick favourites.

Well, I won’t.

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Anonymous asked: Hi Cas, you should get Sam and Dean to help you experience a sleepover- it involves many films, lots of chocolate a sugary treats and junk food and a nest of bed clothes that everyone sleeps on together. And don't let them tell you it's a girly thing- I know boys who have sleepovers too.


I asked Sam and he looked very confused. Then Dean threw a cushion at my head and said it’s stupid because I don’t sleep.

Sam still looks confused. And Dean is still an ass.

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